Uncategorized September 9, 2015

5 Real Estate Myths Debunked

Myth #1: Always change bold paint colors to neutrals before selling.

Reality check: False

Bold doesn’t automatically mean bad. Sometimes, a room calls for a grand color in order to play up an architectural feature, divide a room in two visually, or add cheer when there’s little natural light. But even if a room sports a bold shade of paint, home owners don’t always have to grab a brush to change it up before listing. Sellers can tone down a strong color with a neutral counterpart, such as a calming rug or tranquil array of fresh greenery.

Myth #2: Always avoid first-floor condos because of noise and safety concerns.

Reality check: False

A first-floor unit can be a terrific bargain and a wonderful place to live. They offer numerous advantages, and sometimes they just need a few tweaks to dampen possible sounds and make owners feel safer. Advantages of a first-floor unit: You don’t have to wait for an elevator or climb stairs, and you can enjoy the changes in scenery from the ground level up. Soundproof the unit with a good-fitting door and sound-dampening acoustical panels on the interior side.  

Myth #3: Sellers should expect to earn back everything they invested in remodeling projects at resale time.

Reality check: False, but…

It is nearly impossible to get 100 percent of the money put into a redo back when you sell. Remodeled Kitchens and Bathrooms continue to be huge selling points because they make a home more attractive to potential buyers—and help them avoid doing the work. It pays to keep a house updated and in line with similarly priced homes in the community. Be cautious when making upgrades to a home especially if you plan to sell soon after making changes or when the market is flat or heading downward.

Myth #4: To sell quickly in this market, you must have the most popular features buyers are seeking.

Reality check: False, but…

It’s true that items such as master bedroom walk-in closets and first-floor master suites are all the rage now. But most homes were built before these home trends became popular and someone with a vision may buy it just to update it. Remember every home will sell, but at the right price!

Myth #5: If buyers don’t like an exterior, they’ll never go inside.

Reality check: Often true

Without some curb appeal, most think, “Why waste the time”. Talk to your agent in advance and let them know what style of house you like or dislike, view interior photos before taking the time to walk through a home. Also, let your agent know if you are interested in a home that needs a little work or if you would simply prefer move in ready. If a house works in every way but lacks curb appeal talk to your agent. There may be a possibility of purchasing the home for less so you can landscape, paint shutters, front door or upgrade the walkway with nicer material.