Uncategorized October 26, 2015

Are You Coachable?

A quick 6-point check on your coachability…
(Which of these are true and to what extent?)
1. I usually allow my manager and others to complete their sentences before responding. (If you don't, it's not a good sign.)




2. When I'm given feedback/ criticism, I think about it for a few moments before responding rather than immediately defending a position or action. (If you don't, you're likely not giving it real consideration.)


3. When I'm given feedback/ criticism, I ask questions about it in order to try to better understand it. (A good sign.)


4. I feel my work's purpose is to serve my (external and internal) customers. (“You're gonna have to serve somebody.” – Bob Dylan)


5. Over the last year, I've changed/ revised my position/ approach to something because of the advice of another individual. (Is it reasonable to go through an entire year without revising a position/ approach to something and still feel you're open to development?)


6. My manager invests time in my professional development. (If s/he doesn't, it might be because of a perception that you're not interested in your professional development and over time … you've been labeled uncoachable … scary).

There's no cute rating scale here. These questions are simply meant to raise personal awareness (when answered objectively and truthfully).

In order to grow in work or life, we must be willing to continually learn.
To learn means we seek out and listen to the advice of others. We show that we are interested by participating and asking for more. We engage rather than disengage in meetings, webinars, conferences, etc…