Uncategorized November 12, 2015

Customizing Site Pages on Your Website

Adding custom pages to your website is very easy and allows you to be creative with your site.

Keep Content Up-To-Date Without Blogging

If you don’t have time to blog or would just rather not, no worries! Blogging is only one way to keep your website up-to-date with fresh content. There are many other ways.

Consider creating a “tab of the month”. Feature one topic for a month. Spend some time and create one (link-worthy) page that will be relevant all month long full of good content and have it as a main featured tab heading on your site. Add photos and videos and be sure to add links! Some ideas for this type of site page are:

  • FALL TIPS – fall home maintenance checklist, fall party ideas, fall crafts for the kids (and adults), fall fun list, etc. 
  • GIVE THANKS – No-Stress Thanksgiving Day Countdown, list of things to be thankful for, family recipe, Thanksgiving crafts, etc.

Or how about a “Home of the Week” featured heading? What a great way to cycle through your listings and feature each home in a new way! Write something about the neighborhood, the schools, or the community. Take a video tour of the home and neighborhood. When you are ready to update the site page simply “hide” the page and create a new one. You could delete the custom page if you want, but I would recommend saving it at least until that listing has sold, just in case you wanted to use it again at a later time.

How To Create A Site Page

Windermere.comàLog InàResourcesàTech ToolsàAgent WebsitesàMy Agent WebsiteàSite Pages (side panel)àAdd NewàCustom Page

Now you have a blank page to work with so be creative! Once you have entered all of the information you would like in your page click Publish.

To Add A Photo To A Site Page

You can either drag and drop a photo from your desk top into the body of the page and then customize the size or you can click “Insert Image” on the site page toolbar. Remember the photo will appear wherever you have your cursor in the body of the page.