Uncategorized December 9, 2015

Listing Analytics in the Worc Site

Did you know that Windermere.com tracks all visitors to your website, who is looking at your listings, and how they are referred to your website? So if you have ever wondered if your website is worth your time or needs to be maintained…the answer is yes! People will spend more time on your website if it has up-to-date content that is relevant to them.

To view your listing analytics

Sign in to Windermere.comResource TabTech ToolsListing Analytics – Listings Summary Page.

The listing analytics summary is broken up into three main categories: Traffic Type, Referring Domain, and Windermere Sources.

  • Traffic Type: Indicates how a user navigated your listing…Did they just look at the photos, map the property, or did they view the property in its entirety?
  • Referring Domain: Indicates how a person arrived at your listing. Did they go directly to your site, follow your listing posted on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest or find you another way?
  • Windermere Sources: Indicates the Windermere outlet from which your listing was viewed…windermere.com, directly through your agent website, or through your office’s admin website.

You can view your listing traffic ranging from one day up to three months to see how often your site is being visited and what listings are getting the most attention. Knowing where your traffic is coming from and what they are looking at will better help you know how to market your listings, saving yourself time and money.

If you would like help reviewing this information or updating your website, We are here to help!