Message from Pam – The Nook fundraiser was a success! Special thanks to Chef Chris Holen and his students for their award winning chowder, Sam’s Seaside Café for chicken salad croissants and beer bread, Simple Cakes by Jae and El Mariachi Loco for quesadillas and the Wine and Beer Haus. Our goal is to assist homeless families and children’s organizations in our community benefit from this fundraiser and allows us to give back every year. Thank you to our Brokers, Staff and The Natural Nook once again for making this a success.

We will be receiving a check for Seaside Food 4 Kids next week and will present it at their back pack program. Let Pam Ackley know you would like to join in the presentation.

Our funds are $7,000+ to start the New Year. If anyone knows of an organization we should support, please let her know.

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Listing Analytics in the Worc Site

Did you know that tracks all visitors to your website, who is looking at your listings, and how they are referred to your website? So if you have ever wondered if your website is worth your time or needs to be maintained…the answer is yes! People will spend more time on your website if it has up-to-date content that is relevant to them.

To view your listing analytics

Sign in to Windermere.comResource TabTech ToolsListing Analytics – Listings Summary Page.

The listing analytics summary is broken up into three main categories: Traffic Type, Referring Domain, and Windermere Sources.

  • Traffic Type: Indicates how a user navigated your listing…Did they just look at the photos, map the property, or did they view the property in its entirety?
  • Referring Domain: Indicates how a person arrived at your listing. Did they go directly to your site, follow your listing posted on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest or find you another way?
  • Windermere Sources: Indicates the Windermere outlet from which your listing was viewed…, directly through your agent website, or through your office’s admin website.

You can view your listing traffic ranging from one day up to three months to see how often your site is being visited and what listings are getting the most attention. Knowing where your traffic is coming from and what they are looking at will better help you know how to market your listings, saving yourself time and money.

If you would like help reviewing this information or updating your website, We are here to help!

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Why Do Your Clients Need A Home Warranty ?

  • On average, homes sold 11 days faster for an average of $ 2,314 more with an American Home Shield Home Warranty than homes with no home warranty- that’s over three times the price of our average home warranty plan.
  • When you compare the cost of replacing  or repairing major systems and appliances, the difference is clear. Protect your clients and their biggest investment of all- their home – with industry –leading coverage.
  • What if your clients do not request a home warranty?? The home warranty is something that not all buyers know is an option for them to get. During the real estate transaction your clients qualify for special real estate products and pricing. Be sure to let every client know this is available to them as the warranty is a valuable resource for both buyers and sellers.
  • What if your clients have new appliances? Unfortunately, Appliances are just not built to last like they have been in the past. Many homeowners find themselves doing appliance repairs within the first 5 years of life on the appliances. If you have a client that has brand new appliances with a manufacture warranty still suggest the Shield Essential Plan to them as this plan covers some of the homes most expensive items for repair ( Air Conditioning, Heating, Electrical, Plumbing, Water Heater, and Ductwork).

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Subscribing Your Clients To Neighborhood News

Neighborhood News is the monthly market update email sent on your behalf to a targeted group of contacts. Neighborhood News provides people with relevant, housing market statistics and information by zip code – all branded with your contact information. Continue Reading…

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Here To Help With Your Open House!

If you are planning to host an open house, please let Kimberlee and Stefanie know. We can help spread the word! Let us send an E-Blast with your open house information to other real estate agents in the area, blog the open house on our Oregon Coast blog, create open house flyers to give to other offices, create curious neighbor postcards (if planning ahead!), and/or posting the event on Facebook and Twitter.


You will have a more successful open house if people know about it!

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Customizing Site Pages on Your Website

Adding custom pages to your website is very easy and allows you to be creative with your site.

Keep Content Up-To-Date Without Blogging

If you don’t have time to blog or would just rather not, no worries! Blogging is only one way to keep your website up-to-date with fresh content. There are many other ways.

Consider creating a “tab of the month”. Feature one topic for a month. Spend some time and create one (link-worthy) page that will be relevant all month long full of good content and have it as a main featured tab heading on your site. Add photos and videos and be sure to add links! Some ideas for this type of site page are:

  • FALL TIPS – fall home maintenance checklist, fall party ideas, fall crafts for the kids (and adults), fall fun list, etc. 
  • GIVE THANKS – No-Stress Thanksgiving Day Countdown, list of things to be thankful for, family recipe, Thanksgiving crafts, etc.

Or how about a “Home of the Week” featured heading? What a great way to cycle through your listings and feature each home in a new way! Write something about the neighborhood, the schools, or the community. Take a video tour of the home and neighborhood. When you are ready to update the site page simply “hide” the page and create a new one. You could delete the custom page if you want, but I would recommend saving it at least until that listing has sold, just in case you wanted to use it again at a later time.

How To Create A Site Page

Windermere.comàLog InàResourcesàTech ToolsàAgent WebsitesàMy Agent WebsiteàSite Pages (side panel)àAdd NewàCustom Page

Now you have a blank page to work with so be creative! Once you have entered all of the information you would like in your page click Publish.

To Add A Photo To A Site Page

You can either drag and drop a photo from your desk top into the body of the page and then customize the size or you can click “Insert Image” on the site page toolbar. Remember the photo will appear wherever you have your cursor in the body of the page.

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Four Ways To Improve Your SEO

Have You Searched Yourself Online? Your potential clients will…will they find you?


SEO – Search Engine Optimization – Is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.

Four Ways To Improve Your SEO

  1. Update the content on your website regularly. Regularly updated content is viewed as one of the best indicators of a site’s relevancy, so be sure to keep it fresh! Update your photos, blog, add new heading tabs, or change out the video on your home page, etc. as often as you are able.


  1. Publish relevant content on your website and identify a keyword or phrase. Think about what your reader might be searching for “homes in Gearhart”, “First time home buyer”, etc. Whatever the topic, repeat the phrase several times.


  1. Have a link-worthy site. Focus on creating relevant links within the text. Instead of having “click here” links, try writing out the name of the destination. “Click here” has no search engine value beyond the attached URL, whereas “First time home buyer” or “The home buying process” will improve your SEO rankings.


  1. Use alt tags. This goes beyond simply naming your photos when you save them, although this is extremely important and if you are not doing this you should! Alternative tagging is naming a photo or video inside a blog or on your webpage so when a person does a search your website will be found based on the search keywords.  Kimberlee or Stefanie will be happy to show you how to tag your photos and videos on your website ~ just ask J

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Little To No-Cost Ways To Market Yourself!


  1.  BE MOBILE – Mobile traffic to websites now accounts for more than 30% of visits. Your website needs to be designed for all devices and screen sizes.
  2.  Send Just Listed/Just Sold postcards – Windermere has a reimbursement plan which makes mailing postcards a low cost way to market yourself – Talk to Kimberlee and Stefanie.
  3.  Video a past client testimonial sharing their experience doing business with you and post it to your website or social media.
  4.  MAINTAIN YOUR WEBSITE! (and other social media sites) – Are the words “I don’t have time for that” coming to mind? Well they shouldn’t be! Your website is very important to your business. Keep in mind your website, as well as your social media accounts, are accessible 24/7/365. Kimberlee and Stefanie are available to give ideas to improve your website and draw a fresh client base…just ask smiley

INVEST IN YOUR EXISTING CLIENTS!75% of a real estate agent’s business comes from referrals and word of mouth

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How To Create A PermaFlyer Using Bear Printing

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Organizing People In Moxi Engage

Your People are your sphere of influence in Moxi WorksTM/Moxi EngageTM. People are automatically assigned to the Marketing zone of the Sales Flow upon the first upload of your database or when you enter a new person. However, there may be people in your database who don’t belong in the Sales Flow. You can move these people individually or in bulk into the Collaborator or Personal category. Continue Reading…


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